Time Management System

A system to avoid all your manual discrepancies

Why ESOLSOFT Time Management System is the Best!

ESOLSOFT device supports both biometric and face recognition to mark the attendance for the person. It also supports cards for a few industry or workers who may have trouble using biometric for eg: people working as dishwasher may have their hand soaked in water which may not allow them to recognize their thumb print in such cases they can use face recognition or access card for them.

Hardware Capabilities

Upto 300 Faces,3000 Fingerprints, 200000 logs which includes Door Control. And supports Wifi, TCP/IP and USB to collect and update data from device

Biometric Tracking

Simple and quickly let your employees sign in with their finger print using our Biometric Tracker.

Face Recognition

Are you a manufacturing industry who finds Biometric system difficult to handle? Try our equally effective Face Recognition devices.

Benefits of ESOLSOFT Time Management System

It eliminates human errors and buddy punching option

We can manage Various fixed time work hours for different groups of employees or flexi-time work hours for employees

To compute overtime hours easily

To compute lateness time and early off time.

Experiential ideate ideate viral responsive co-working

To calculate day(s) absence from work

What Are You Waiting For?

Try our Time Management System, and Automate your Time Management Process.

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