Payroll Outsourcing

Focus on your core functions while we focus on your payroll

Payroll Outsourcing Service

Leave your organization’s payroll to ESOLSOFT – Singapore’s most trusted payroll management company, listed by CPF and IRAS boards. Make smart choices by saving your potential, time, money and resources on payroll and focus on other key areas to build your organization.

Increases the time and resources to concentrate more on your core activities

In many companies, administration and backend works such as payroll are not their core functionalities. As there are ways to outsource your companies payroll.
Many well know accounting firms and their auditors have said several long-term advantages would be gained from outsourcing payroll:

With ESOLSOFT, your payroll data is always

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Payroll is an important functions in each company but that may not directly increase sales.  Also not processed accurately, it can put your business into a lot of problems.

Current Rules and Regulations

Second reason to outsource is to get access to latest rules and regulations issued by CPF Board(Central Provident Fund), IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) and MOM(Ministry Of Manpower).

Minimize Costs and Statutory Filing Requirements

Payroll Outsourcing can also help in cutting costs and minimize risks. CPF have to be filed on or before the 14th of every month, Itemized payslip must be issued before the 7 days of the calender month and IRAS reports of ir8a has to be filed by companies before 1st March every year.

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Focus on your core functions while we focus on your payroll

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